Communing with Jewish Ancestors (2016)


   I investigate the silencing caused by gender, ethnic, racial, and religious oppression and explore the meaning of identity and family through the photographic process.  I am not just indigenous to Peru, Jewish, or “white inside” because I was adopted and raised by white parents. I am the fusion of all of my experiences and identities.

    My documentary practice focuses on class, race and religion.  In I Wasn't Born Here, But This Is My Home, I photograph the evolving developments in my home city of Portland, Maine as it continues to be influenced by gentrification, diversification and immigration. I provide a personal account of these changes through documentation of architecture, landscape, portraits of strangers and people I know. My most recent work, Interwoven Legacies, is rooted in my indigenous Peruvian heritage.  As my research into these histories develops, I incorporate aspects of this heritage into performances for the camera that expand upon my contemporary life in the United States. Photography allows me to leave behind the isolation of growing up with an outsider status and to create a relatable dialogue for those also struggling with identities and lack of community. 

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